Friday, July 22, 2011

Before the Tattoo Post

I know you all want to hear about the tattoo. I am surely getting to that, but I need some photos from the actual event and I have requested those from the designated sister historian, Nancy. So until I can get those, I'll postpone the tattoo post.

It was hot in TN. These photos are from our thrift store day. When thrifting, you have to understand that you may not find yourself in the best areas of a given town. From about 1pm to 4pm, we were in different stages of hunger, with the need to eat in the forefront of all of our minds. I say 1pm to 4pm because that is how long it takes five women to decide where the best place to eat is. So we're driving for about 3 hours looking for a place to eat in Nashville...yes...a big city where you'd think you could find a satisfying "restaurant" on every street corner.

Sister #1: How about Cracker Barrel...
Sister #2: Let's save Cracker Barrel for another day...
Sister #3: How about Denny's...
Sisters #4 and #5: It's too late for breakfast...
Sister #2: I know there is a great place right around this corner...I think...
Sister #1: Let's just go to Taco Bell...
Sister #5: Taco Bell would be fine with me, I'm so hungry...
Sister #3: Naw, we can get Taco Bell any ole time...let's go for something unique...and so on and so on and so on for three hours.

Finally, one of us, let's call her Sister # Smart says:
"We have not eaten all day! I am starving! Pull over the damn car and let's eat!

It was quiet for about a minute as we all processed what to do with this outburst. Most of us get really uncomfortable with tension, so there were some attempts made at laughter at the outburst, some staring out the window at the run down gas stations, and some just explaining why we needed to find the "right" place to eat.

Sister #2: Hey, there's a Fat Mo's. Do you want to go there?
Sisters #1, #3, and #5: YES!!
Sister #5: I had a cab driver who knew the owner of Fat Mo's! (We LOVE serendipity)

So we pull into Fat Mo's, hop out of the car into the sweltering heat and welcome the air conditioned space called "Fat Mo's".

We are the ONLY people in the joint...well us and the Indian cashier.

Sister #5: Are you the owner?
Indian Guy: No.
Sister #4: Are you Fat Mo?
Indian Guy: Nope
Sister #5: Do you know a guy that drives a cab?
Indian Guy: (Just stares like he doesn't understand the question)

So we order. We order gyros, burgers and spicey curly fries. Two of us are very health conscious and try to clean off the table as we sit.

As our food is ready, we eat and think it would be fun to mark this moment with photos of each of here we are.






And there you have the Fat Mo story.

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