Monday, March 28, 2011

Soul Restoration is good for the Soul.

Sometimes my husband belongs on the moon...
and I now know how to send him there. :)

Day 1:
Husband: "Oh, honey, are you mad at me? You forgot to bring up my coffee this morning."

Day 2:
Husband: (Weird look on face of husband) "No coffee this morning?"

Day 3:
Husband: (Making hand gestures as though bringing an invisible cup of coffee up to his mouth) "Huh?"

Day 4:
Husband: I've had the worst few days lately at the studio and only two things are different. One - I'm getting critiques on my paintings again (He's a Fine Art Painter) and two - you haven't brought me my coffee for the last 4 mornings. It has to be one of those two things.

Day 5:
Husband: (Silence)

Day 6:
Husband: (I'm sitting in my comfy corner chair doing some journaling when my husband walks up to me and hands me my morning cup of coffee).
Me: Oh, thanks, hon.

I signed up for the Soul Restoration Workshop in early January 2011 because it was time for me to remember my soul. Throughout the six weeks, I realized some very life-altering lessons about myself. I'M RESPONSIBLE FOR MY OWN SOUL HOUSE. I get to say who is invited in and who I will only meet down the street at the local coffee house. I threw the party and now I'm cleaning up the mess.

When Soul Restoration was over, my spic and span soul house, looked and smelled clean and fresh. It still had all of it's charm and character. It was just easier to identify that charm and that character. The cleaning supplies and tools I have learned to use effectively through this workshop have enabled me to bring coffee up to the moon where my husband stays sometimes and has also enabled me to accept a cup of coffee from him when I invite him in.

Soul Restoration I begins again in April. Go to



Maryann said...

I'm registered and seriously feel my soul workin' out to prepare!!

MrsIngie said...

I can't wait to start the April class, I really need it :)

Kristy said...

I too am signed up ad so ready !! Thank you for sharing your heart !! xxxxx

Anonymous said...

"I threw the party and now I'm cleaning up the mess. " so simply put...and SO TRUE!!!!

Whispers and Wishes said...

heh... I'm with Kathy on "I threw the party and now I"m cleaning up the mess"... been sitting here reading for quite some time-- you have a wonderful way of getting to the heart of the story and your sense of humor just leaps off the page. I found you via BGC and am so glad I was able to stop by and get to know a little more about you. You can visit me at