Sunday, March 20, 2011

Blank Canvases

How many of you, when faced with a blank canvas, get completely paralyzed? I do. That's what happened to my yesterday. I had an entire special day that was all about me. I could have done anything I wanted. I could have spent the entire day in my craft studio just creating to my heart's content...I could have redecorated a room...I could have gone to an antique/thrift store...I could have hopped on an airplane and soared off to the Figi Islands (well...okay, I couldn't really have done that...but I could have written about it). The point is, I'm not so good when it comes to blank canvases. It's like I need to pick the very best option because my window of opportunity seems so small. If I pick one thing that I love to do, then the opportunity to do the other thing that I love will be gone. Does this happen to you?

Today, I am faced with a similar dilemma. I am going to an all-day crafting workshop-y thing from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm. I need to pack my supplies to take with me, but I am absolutely paralyzed as to what I want to do once I get there. Do I want to work on photos? Do I want to work on canvases? Do I want to work on my journal? Do I want to just live dangerously and go there with nothing and start from scratch? I. Just. Don't. Know.

I know there is a life/spiritual lesson in here for me and darn it all, I WILL figure it out. What is it when facing a "blank canvas" that keeps me from moving forward? I crave a bit of direction - even something quote, a photo, a color, a goal...SOMETHING! In my attempt to be all free and elderly, I have no direction. I can't very well pack up my entire basement full of crafting supplies ( luggage) just in case I'm going to need it, can I? It would be impossible to move...too many restrictions. I need only bring the supplies (luggage) I will likely use on my journey. I need only bring the things that bring me joy and cause me to use my energy in the most productive way.

Walking into life situations and experiences only require the life luggage that bring joy and cause me to use my energy in the most productive way. I walk into a tense conversation...all I need are my open-mindedness and my positive thinking. I run into someone in need...all I need is my smile and my ears. I walk into a craft workshop...all I need are my paintbrushes and my patterned paper and my adhesive and my rub-ons and my paint and my substrate and my heat gun and my bubble wrap and my vintage magazines and my stamps and my ink in a variety of colors and my scissors and my....creative heart.

I can totally see myself spending the entire 6 hours just sitting at a table watching others create while I twiddle my thumbs thinking up the perfect project on which to work. Right about 4:00pm it'll come to me. I'll be inspired beyond belief and it'll be time to go home. At least I'll get some freebies out of the workshop.

Wish me luck.



Jan B said...

Yes, I can relate! I'm the one that goes to a crop and then just sits and watches everyone else.

I've decided, though, that having a list of things I'd really like to do with my free time - specific things - really helps. Like yesterday, my granddaughter didn't come for her usual overnight because my hubs was sick. So I was faced with a whole free afternoon/evening. Normally, I would take so much time figuring out exactly WHAT to do that I'd waste it away. But THIS time, I turned to my little list from our OLW class - our "one little thing" list. I had a few things I could have done, but the one I chose really needed a good block of uninterrupted time. So - I cleaned out my entire desk and the file cabinet next to it. As much as I hate to clean, I LOVE to organize! A nice, neat, uncluttered desk? Mmmmmm. What a LOVELY feeling!

At the end of the day, though, I don't think any choice is "wrong" as long as you live in the moment of whatever you choose to do.

But I feel ya. I just hope you did have some fun yesterday.

And that you didn't fart. :)


fancyscrapper said...

This is so me. I've done that so many times that I have just about decided I'm happier in my little studio than anywhere else. My list of things to brings looks just like yours.

Tonight is much like your day was when you posted this. Tomorrow is as well. What will I do with all this delicious free time?

I'm STILL deciding! I have at least 4 projects up and running creatively. Then there's all the new ideas pinging around in my head. I'm thinking I may just have to start a Donna Downey-type of inspiration journal: just a list of ideas as they come to me. So many!

fancyscrapper said...
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