Saturday, March 12, 2011


Bernadette is the name that Katie Rose has chosen for her confirmation name. Gracey and Mickey were out for the night, so on this night before her confirmation, Katie Rose, John and I found ourselves home alone. We decided to watch The Song of Bernadette together as a sort of confirmation family "gathering" of sorts - okay, John and Katie Rose had already planned this time together, but I budged my way in.

It's a b&w movie. I remember John making me watch it early on in our relationship just because he thought it was so good. I really liked it at that time, but had a hard time hearing the words.

Last night, watching a remixed version, where the sound was hearable, the three of us sat in John's dark office and watched Jennifer Jones portray this young Bernadette.

My sweathshirt that I was wearing is so covered from snot and tears because I was crying so hard and John's was the same way. We were both just sniffing and crying and wiping our noses throughout the movie. We are both anxious to see Katie's reaction and look at her. She just shrugs. Nothin'...not even a little mist in her eyes. What? How can you watch that and not be balling? I mean....the Holy Card that she didn't get preparing for her first communion because she was "stupid". And then, the Dean giving her the same Holy Card when she goes off into the convent. And then, her sending the Holy Card back to the Dean of Lourdes when she is close to death as a message that she needs to see him before she dies. Mama was so good.

And this dear, sweet child of mine has nothin'...nothin' coming out of her eyeballs.

Well...that's just...really...interesting.

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admsing said...

I LOVE that movie!!!!