Wednesday, February 2, 2011

God said, "Hello" this morning.

As most of you know already, we are enjoying a snow day today because of a blizzard. I think this is my favorite winter day ever in my whole life.

Today is Katie Rose's 13th birthday. When I went to the window this morning to see how much snow we had, I gasped. It was the most beautiful sight I have ever seen. The white, white, white everywhere. It was on the ground, it was in the air, it was just soaring whiteness everywhere. What I saw next, made me involuntarily gasp aloud. "Katie Rose," I quietly called. "Come here, quietly to the window. God has a birthday present for you." (I tell my kids each morning to look for ways that God is saying 'hello' to them each day, in a special and unique way just for them). Katie Rose quietly came to the window and I pointed out to her the reason I called her over. There, in the pure whiteness, was the fattest, reddest, male cardinal I had ever seen. The contrast of the red on the white background was inspiring. As I pointed to the bird on the branch of the Rose of Sharon bush (which, by the way, was purchased and planted in honor of her because of the "rose" in the name), I said, "There. There is God saying "Happy Birthday to you." She gasped aloud as well and said, "Thank you, God."

Then the cardinal flew away.


P.S. I made the mistake of trying to explain this surreal beautiful thing that had happened to my loving husband, John. He rolled his eyes and said something about how cardinals were everywhere - no big deal, but that he didn't want to ruin my moment.

Here is the difference between seeing God in your life each day and taking God for granted in your life each day. God is there either way, but the joy is yours if you choose to see it.

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Jan said...

That is just seeing it through your eyes. As far as husbands go, some things are just best left unexplained... *insert rolling of eyes*

Oh, and happy birthday to your little rose of katie. :)