Sunday, January 2, 2011

Almost Endless Possibilities

It's good. It's a good New Year. The possibilities are...well...not endless...but at least they're there - those possibilities.

It IS possible to look forward to going back to work tomorrow. It IS possible to take a glance outside and see that God has delighted you with the gift of a cardinal playing in the leaves - just because.
It IS possible to ask your teenage daughter how to do something on your computer, like somehow get a Youtube song onto your ipod and not lose your dignity.
It IS possible to run through the parking lot of Target with your almost teenage daughter because she didn't think she needed her jacket even though it was like zero degrees outside.
It IS possible to wear the same pair of jeans for two weeks in a row without washing them...well alternating between those jeans and your PJs.
It IS possible to get up again and rejoice at the new day.
It IS possible to make banana pancakes when the bananas are getting too ripe, instead of throwing them away.
It IS possible to love life and live each moment fully and enjoy just being.



Julie said...

Well said, Diane.

Shell said...

so glad i'm not the only jean lover!!!