Saturday, December 4, 2010

And Snow It Begins

And Snow It Begins

The first thing I did when I saw the picture outside was smile...well...and giggle a little bit. (Don't tell anyone, because I am a snow-hater and it would ruin my reputation).

The first thing I though about was, "Who should I wake up first?" Something like the first snowfall of the season needs to be shared. Thinking again, I realized that this had the potential to be a very peaceful and beautiful morning all on my own. It dawned on me that Katie Rose and Mickey would want to put on their snow pants right away to go outside and play in it. (The snowpants are still buried in the closet with the rest of the winter stuff - much too much work for me first thing in the morning). John would just be upset because I woke him up early - after all, he's seen the first snow fall of the season a million times. Gracey would LOVE it with the additional benefit that she would take a look at it, appreciate it and go right back to bed, leaving me to bask in my peaceful morning.

I went into Gracey's dark room, told her I wanted her to see something, grabbed her hand, told her to close her eyes and led her upstairs to the main floor of the house, where floor-to-ceiling windows surround us. When we reached the family room, I instructed her to open her eyes.

She did not disappoint me. I think in her tired, sleepy, teenage way, she was delighted. She commented, "It's so nice," in her lilty, happy, little girl voice. We stood there, together, looking out at the snow for about one minute and fifteen seconds.

"Well...I'm going back to bed now," she stated.
"Okay...sweet dreams," I replied.

She went back downstairs to her room and I made my way to the kitchen to make coffee.

Life is good.


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