Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Sleeping In Joke

I woke up this morning at 5:30am. I LOVE waking up that early, because it gives me a goodly enough time to reflect on my life before beginning the "real" day (the one in which reflection becomes fleeting, at best).

As I was headed downstairs to start coffee, I had a thought - an idea really - and decided to act on it. I went into Mickey's room and turned on the light. "Mickeyyyyyy. It's time to wake up." I ran my fingers through his mussed up hair. "Wake up, buddy-boy." I gently shook his shoulder and he began to move. I could just make out one of his eyeballs as he struggled to open his eyes. I shook him again. "Come on, Bud. It's the last day of school before vacation. Time to wake up."

(When I wake the children up, it is understood that I won't leave them alone until a) they show me their eyeballs or b) they give me a thumbs up)

He brought his hand out from under the covers and gave me the "thumbs up". That's when I let him in on my little joke. "Just kidding. You can sleep in for another hour."

In his sleepy voice, not really knowing what to say, he says, "You rascal".

I turned off his light and continued downstairs to make my coffee. That was fun.


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