Saturday, November 6, 2010

A First

The other day, I was helping out Katie Rose with her baby sitting duties. She had rehearsal and I took her charges for her. The children are 8, 6 and 3. I was walking them home from school. The two younger children sat in the wagon as I pulled and the older child walked along side.

We stopped at the park, swung on the swings, enjoyed the fresh air, threw twigs into the creek over the bridge and generally had a fabulous time.

As we headed home, we had to cross a busy street, whereby a crossing guard waited to usher us. It was a busy street, near a railroad track, so we had to wait a very long time before our light turned green.

We took up conversation with the female crossing guard.

She began conspiratorially, whispering almost (as if she and I had a secret thing in common), "In a couple of months I'M going to be a grandmother, too."

(Too? TOO? - as in "as well as?" I wear glasses and all. I had a long coat on with high heels. I must have had a "fresh air" kind of smile on my face. But really? A grandmother?)

My reply? "Wow, that's great. Where do you get your hair colored?"


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Julie said...

As usual, you made me smile -- actually, this time I burst out laughing -- but seriously?!?! I would have accidentally tripped her in the middle of the intersection.