Monday, October 18, 2010

Elevator moment

Most of you know, because I talk about it all of the time, that I had the privilege of meeting Amy Grant last Tuesday, thanks to the generosity of my friend, Tracey - she's the one next to Amy - not the one next to Amy that is me, but the other one next to Amy.

Kim, Tracey and I used to sing sometimes together at church. We hadn't seen each other for some time, so this was an extra special fellow-shipping in addition to meeting someone that had such an impact on my life when I was a teenager.

Before we arrived at the venue, we had to park the car - Kim drove. The closest spot to park in the parking garage was the 11th floor. After parking, we made our way to the elevator to descend to the main level.

It was when we walked into the elevator that I decided to make a silly comment. "Wow, is our hair all the same color?" Tracey replied, "I think mine and Kim's are similar, but your's is lighter." We all faced the elevator doors, in "elevator mode", as people do and we chatted some more about our hair, how we get it done, where we get it done, how often we get it done. After a few minutes, it finally dawned on us that the elevator car wasn't moving.

Tracey calmly reached over and pushed the down button. We were all so busy talking about our blonde hair, that no one had pushed the button for the elevator to go down.

It was a moment....a blonde moment.


Sunday, October 17, 2010

I want to, I really do

I want to blog, I really do, but I want to blog blogworthy stuff and my mind is a whirlwind of stuff, but not so much blogworthy stuff.

So for now, I'll just share the story that my sister shared on facebook.

I had to pick Mickey up from an engagement. I was a little late.

Mickey: Mom! Do you know how long I have been waiting for you to pick me up? FIFTEEN MINUTES!

Me: Mickey! Do you know how long I waited for you to come out of my vagina? NINE MONTHS!

so there.