Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday September 17, 2010

At 3:00am last night, I was fast asleep in my bed. I heard a voice calling to me. "Hi mom. It's me, your son."

My heart was instantly relieved to know that this precious boy was home. He's home from college for just a day in order to attend the funeral mass of a friend of his, whose short life was very full. Many of his contemporaries are also traveling home from college to celebrate this young girl's life.
My heart breaks for all of them who are here to say "Goodbye" to their friend. My heart rejoices for all of us who are parents of these children coming home; those who can now hold their own children in their own arms and be assured that they are here. My heart is paralyzed for the parents of this young girl, who now are waiting to see their precious daughter in heaven.

God bless you.


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Julie said...

Beyond sad. Heartbreaking.