Monday, September 20, 2010


When Mickey first started watching wrestling and wanted to talk about it non-stop, we (the family) laughed at him. "Don't you know wrestling is fake?" "It's all stupid." "Why are you spending money on those stupid wrestling figures?" "One day you should go and see a "real" wrestling event." Laugh, laugh, laugh....the entire family gave him a hard time about it.

He took it all in stride, but I remembered a story that John told me about his father. John was into magic at Mickey's age. He always bothered his family, showing them tricks, over and over and over. I can only imagine how boring this must have been for them. It came time for his 8th grade trip (a family tradition whereby each child gets to choose where they want to go upon completion of the 8th grade). John chose to go to a magic convention. His father took him to wherever it was and set him free at the convention. John loved it and had a blast, but to me the story was missing something. Burt had dropped him off at the convention, but didn't attend with him.

I began to feel a little sorry for Mickey - sticking to his guns amongst the teasing from those who are supposed to love him the most. He really wanted to attend this Night of Champions event. I decided to work with him and make it happen.

Many of you know the story of how I made bracelets as we watched wrestling and Mickey taught me the ins and outs of how wrestling worked. We sold those bracelets for $1 each in order to raise enough money to attend this event. (Wrestling is HUGE, by the way - tickets for good seats are very expensive). In addition to raising the money we needed, Mickey and I were able to bond like crazy. He taught me so much about himself through this process. I learned that he liked the underdog. He rooted for the good vs. the evil. He enjoyed the physicalness of the fighting, but cringed when things appeared to be too much.

All to say, I have enjoyed every moment of this special time I have had with him - time that will always be in his memory and mine.

By the time it was over, I was jumping up and down with my hands in the air, losing my voice from cheering so loudly.

If anyone ever wonders "why", just take a look at this photo. He had the best time of his life.


P.S. Thank you to my good friend, Pam Callahan, who taught me to just "be there" when your kids are into weird, but non-dangerous things.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday September 17, 2010

At 3:00am last night, I was fast asleep in my bed. I heard a voice calling to me. "Hi mom. It's me, your son."

My heart was instantly relieved to know that this precious boy was home. He's home from college for just a day in order to attend the funeral mass of a friend of his, whose short life was very full. Many of his contemporaries are also traveling home from college to celebrate this young girl's life.
My heart breaks for all of them who are here to say "Goodbye" to their friend. My heart rejoices for all of us who are parents of these children coming home; those who can now hold their own children in their own arms and be assured that they are here. My heart is paralyzed for the parents of this young girl, who now are waiting to see their precious daughter in heaven.

God bless you.


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wednesday = Front Porch Cigar

Wednesday = Mass morning

Mass morning = I will be singing in a crowd this morning

I will be singing in a crowd this morning = Maybe I shouldn't have had that cigar on the porch

Maybe I shouldn't have had that cigar on the porch = I better warm up my voice

I better warm up my voice = Karaoke to Olivia Newton John at 6:00am

Karaoke to Olivia Newton John at 6:00am = Have You Never Been Mellow

Have You Never Been Mellow = Reminder that I need to relax more

Reminder that I need to relax more = Maybe I should go have a cigar on the front porch

Maybe I should go have a cigar on the front porch = Wednesday

What day is it? Oh, it's Wednesday. I think I'll go out on the front porch and have a cigar

Life is good.


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mickey's Big Break

Mickey's famous acting/wrestling career is being jump-started today. He is auditioning for The Sound of Music. I can't tell if he's more excited for him or I'm more excited for him. I'm trying to think of ways to bribe the casting director. I've already signed up to provide dinners for the cast. I wonder if I should network and use all of my Regina contacts to ensure his victory in this. I wonder if I should coach him in the car on the way, or make him sing the Do Re Me song, just like I used to make my siblings sing it, with all the dual parts and all. "When you know the notes to sing....." along with "Do me me, me so so, re fa fa, la ti ti".

Ack, I am just so excited. I'll keep you posted.


Monday, September 13, 2010


The relationships of people, one to another, are as brambles and I'm not even sure that I am using that word correctly. I'm envisioning that gathering of twigs and wood and debris that one is warned against before white water rafting, "whatever you do, swim away from any bramble." I'm envisioning a wall of twigs so intertwined that it can sustain any storm. I'm envisioning many parts working together for one whole - strength.

I know that there should be more to this, but it's all I got for the moment. Just remember that you - each and every one of you - are a blessing not just to those who know you, but also those who only know of you.