Sunday, August 1, 2010

A New Interest

See? I CAN cook. I just have to read the directions really carefully.

"Take egg and carefully tap it on side of bowl. It will crack and open. Be careful not to get parts of shell in bowl. "

I think I can. I think I can. I think I can.


Take a look at these cutie pies. I learned how to make them at Summer Camp. Red Velvet Art's Summer Camp to be exact.

Mickey and I have a dream. Yes. We want to raise enough money to get tickets to see WWE's "Night of Champions" at the Rosemont Horizon on Sept. 19th.

When you have more than one kid, it's hard to keep everything even - in terms of using resources to develop the interests of each individual child - especially if the interest of one is really stupid in the eyes of the others.

Mickey likes WWE wrestling. He just does. We tell him that it's stupid and fake and dumb, but he likes it in spite of us and spends a great deal of time learning about the characters and their story lines. My good friend, Pam's son has graciously taken Mickey to a couple of LIVE events that Mickey has enjoyed immensely, but I, as a parent, cannot continue to take advantage of this sweet young man, Jack. I have decided to join Mickey in his hobby/interest. I am learning who these wrestlers are and what they are all about. I have realized that wrestling is a man's soap opera. I used to watch soaps all of the time, so I can get into some of the story lines.

Okay, so, back to those bracelets pictured above.....Mickey and I are trying to raise money for this even on Sept. 19th. (We told him that he had to raise the money if he wanted to go to this event otherwise we'll have to spend the same amount of money on cooking school for Katie Rose and a new lens for Gracey's Nikon - see how having children adds up?) We've come up with the idea of selling these bracelets for $1 each. I make them as I sit in front of the various wrestling shows on TV as Mickey teaches me and quizzes me on each wrestler. "Who's this guy? What is his mantra? Does he have fireworks as part of his entry? Who is is main rival?" and on and on and on.

The bracelets can be made with any combination of two colors - school colors, team colors, colors to match your outfit. They are cool for both genders.

I'll keep you posted as to what sorts of seats we are able to get.



Janice said...

Diane (and Mickey), I would like to order 25 of those in forest green and white. Those are our school colors and I will have a homeroom of Freshmen this year. It will be my welcome gift to them. Can I pay you at Michillinda?

Julie said...

Finally, a long awaited new blog!! I simply adore the picture of you cooking!! If you learn to treat food like a craft project, you will soon be a gourmet!!

Pamela Callahan said...

I will buy 20 ASAP!