Saturday, August 7, 2010

Michillinda Day 1

Here I am getting ready to leave for Michillinda - our family vacation spot in August each year. As with all families, we all do things just a little bit differently from each other, which makes for a very chaotic departure. Some have been ready to leave since 6am. Some have only just awakened for our trip and it's 10:09am. (Said person still needs to pack) Some of us pack lightly - only the bare necessities, while others pack every art supply they ever owned, but I won't mention any names.

While waiting to leave, some of us do calm things, like post on our blog or read a book. Others watch wrestling really loudly or read out loud with a variety of inflections in her voice, ignoring the "5-times-given" directive to get her stuff off of the stairs and put it away. Some of us know where their headphones are and some of us allowed some other of us to borrow them and now they seem to be missing, leaving said first person without headphones for the trip. Thankfully another one of us can't find her iPod and so is letting first person use her headphones. I wonder if person that lost first person's headphones is also responsible for losing 3rd person's iPod. Just thinkin' out loud here.

The photo is me, sporting my Michillinda Lodge shirt in anticipation of Michillinda Day 1. I'll try to update each day with wise learnings from this very special place.


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