Saturday, August 14, 2010

Gracey And Johnny

this is not gracey so even if you think it is, you are wrong.
yesterday my wonderful and gorgeous daughter gracey and my handsome son johnny were partners for the 2010 Michillinda Shuffleboard tournament.
Gracey was not very good. Her and Johnny played and it was Johnny- 50 Gracey- -12
But with Johnny's amazing skill of knocking the other player's puck into the 10 off and Gracey's sudden skill at getting 8's and some 10's, they won the tournament!
i am so so so SOOOOOO proud of them and i cannot wait to help them make their pink returning champion shirts next year that they design and i will have no say. they will be pink, they said.
gracey did not write this.


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Janice said...

Only 364 more days!!! And congratulations Gracey and Johnny!