Wednesday, August 18, 2010


This is going to be a sort of spiritual blog and I'm going to talk about God, just so you know.

Yesterday I had to venture into the downtown area of Chicago - sort of. It was the North Side of Chicago, really, but it may as well have been right downtown for my nervousness in the traffic. (I just need to interject here that I'm not a bad's that they have funky rules's important to pay more attention to the road signs)

Anyhow, I was driving in the North Side of Chicago and approached the corner where I was going to make a right hand turn. As I approached the corner, the light was green, so I slowed to make the turn and suddenly heard a siren.

I know what to do when I hear a siren....I pull over to the right and stop. Well, I was already stopped, so I just stayed stopped. I knew that the firetruck people needed to be able to get safely through traffic in order to help someone in need, which is why we have the siren rule.

The person in the car behind me did not appreciate me stopping and wailed on his horn.

I got super nervous and inched forward. But I heard the siren getting closer - not able to figure out exactly where it was coming from. I was angry at the car behind me for wailing on his horn. His horn blowing made me doubt, for a moment, my obeying the "siren" rule so strictly. Maybe the siren was coming from another street entirely and I was stopped there for no good reason. Maybe the person in the car knew more about the "street smarts" of sirens than I did. Maybe the person in the car behind me knew the "cool way" to deal with sirens and I was just being old and stagnant.

I stuck to my guns, doing what I was taught, and staying stopped at the corner until a huge firetruck crossed my path. Had I gone forward a little more, the firetruck would not have been able to make it through the traffic. I was redeemed, whether the person in the car behind me knew it or not. His horn blowing didn't matter any more. I probably even saved his life. (Okay, a bit dramatic, I know...but a girl can embellish).

That's my spiritual story of the day. Know what, know why and stick to it - no matter what.


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Julie said...

Good one! Welcome back!