Saturday, July 17, 2010

Well Done

I's one of those "everyone-has-one" family photos. This photo represents, though, more than just family; it represents indescribable joy; it represents freedom; it represents perseverance.

Four sisters, one sister-in-law - we make it happen not only for our own interests, but for the interests of others (our children).

Bob, Jeanette, Ryan, Sam, Johnny, Kelley, Me, Gracey, Nancy, Margie, Waylen, Ben, Katie Rose, Murphy, Westie, Sophie, Parker, Jackie Mae, Mickey, Logan, Walker and Phoenix. along the colorado river. summer cousin camp 2010.


Jan said...

What a great photo! I so enjoyed kinda following along on your trip with the fb updates. Glad you're all back safe and sound and rested. Are you rested? Sometimes we need a vacay from our vacay! ;) ♥

Julie said...

After 15 days of no new news, mere words can not express how I have missed you. Welcome back!