Thursday, July 1, 2010

Vacation = Guilt Free Run Away

Today is today and tomorrow is tomorrow, but the NEXT day is "We're-on-our-roadtrip" day. I feel like it's a "guilt-free-I'm-running-away" trip. Seriously. I am so tired of "here" both physically and emotionally and mentally. I'm ready for a huge, life-changing break. You'd be right in calling it the great escape. I admit it. I want to escape for a little while. I just hope I come back. I may enjoy living on the road so much, that I'll just keep on truckin'.

Okay, now that I've said that, if I disappear and go missing, the media is going to jump on this particular blog post to show that I disappeared of my own doing. "Blog Post proves North Shore Woman Responsible for her Own Disappearance".

Dear Media and Police,
I'm not running away. If I go missing, please try to find me. It means that something bad happened. I plan on coming back from my road trip on time and refreshed.

Diane M. Dolan


Julie said...

Will you be blogging from the road? How long will I be without your words of wisdom? CAN I COME TOO?????


=) Drive on to Texas!

Anonymous said...

please come and collect me on the way......cloggy land is suffocating me and I long for a good road trip!

missing you diane!!