Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Different Point of View

Something about this photo just tickles me. We are all different, yet are drawn to the same awesome things. Not only that, but we are all at different places within that "draw-ing" ("drawn-ness", "drawnst") I was at the end of my hike when I took this photo - hot and tired as the smallest of inclines felt mountainous. I wasn't exactly bored of the beautiful view, but I was ready to be back at home camp. This group of young people, in full garb, were at an altogether different point in their adventure - still in awe of the beauty - even to the point of using binoculars to get the minutest of views. It's okay to be different and at different places in our lives - it allows us the opportunity to get a different point of view. May I always be observant.


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