Thursday, July 22, 2010


Here is something I was contemplating as I lay in bed this morning....yes....I contemplate some weird things sometimes:
My hair is in deep need of a coloring. It costs me about $200 to cut and color my hair and while I'm there, get my eyebrows waxed - even more after tips. (Background info: until the house sells we are on a very very tight budget). So...I'm thinking...what else costs $200 that I could give up in order to have that money budgeted for my hair. Aha...I spent $200 on the five of us to go River Rafting while we were in Colorado a few weeks ago. So this is where I start my contemplation and my imaginary conversations....

"No, children. We cannot go River Rafting with the rest of your cousins because I need to get my hair done and getting my hair done will last longer than one day of river rafting."

"But Mom," they say...

"Stop calling me Butt Mom," I interrupt.

"Mom," they say, "getting your hair done will only benefit you, while river rafting will benefit all of us."

"Nay," I respond. "When my hair looks fabulous, I feel fabulous and when I feel fabulous, you all don't have to walk around on eggshells, afraid that I'll snap at you for any insignificant reason. You all benefit even more than I do when I get my hair done; therefore, the $200 is better spent on me getting my hair done than on you all having lifelong memories with your cousins rafting on the Colorado River."

Nuff said.


(Okay, just so you all know, we really DID go rafting and I really haven't gotten my hair done, but this imaginary conversation taught me that I am who I am whether my hair is done or not. If I can just embrace that mentally, I'll be fine. Where did I get the idea that I could only feel fabulous if I looked fabulous? How about feeling fabulous because of who God made me to be? How about we teach that to our children?)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Different Point of View

Something about this photo just tickles me. We are all different, yet are drawn to the same awesome things. Not only that, but we are all at different places within that "draw-ing" ("drawn-ness", "drawnst") I was at the end of my hike when I took this photo - hot and tired as the smallest of inclines felt mountainous. I wasn't exactly bored of the beautiful view, but I was ready to be back at home camp. This group of young people, in full garb, were at an altogether different point in their adventure - still in awe of the beauty - even to the point of using binoculars to get the minutest of views. It's okay to be different and at different places in our lives - it allows us the opportunity to get a different point of view. May I always be observant.


Saturday, July 17, 2010

Well Done

I's one of those "everyone-has-one" family photos. This photo represents, though, more than just family; it represents indescribable joy; it represents freedom; it represents perseverance.

Four sisters, one sister-in-law - we make it happen not only for our own interests, but for the interests of others (our children).

Bob, Jeanette, Ryan, Sam, Johnny, Kelley, Me, Gracey, Nancy, Margie, Waylen, Ben, Katie Rose, Murphy, Westie, Sophie, Parker, Jackie Mae, Mickey, Logan, Walker and Phoenix. along the colorado river. summer cousin camp 2010.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Vacation Eve

Tomorrow at 0600 hours is the estimated time of departure. The car is loaded and ready to go. I doubt that I'll blog in the morning before we leave, but rest assured that I will upload photos of us on the road and keep you all updated with words of wisdom throughout the trip, providing the KOA campgrounds that we stay at have a three prong outlet and wifi, which I'm pretty sure they do.

So until tomorrow evening, I bid you all a fond farewell.


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Vacation = Guilt Free Run Away

Today is today and tomorrow is tomorrow, but the NEXT day is "We're-on-our-roadtrip" day. I feel like it's a "guilt-free-I'm-running-away" trip. Seriously. I am so tired of "here" both physically and emotionally and mentally. I'm ready for a huge, life-changing break. You'd be right in calling it the great escape. I admit it. I want to escape for a little while. I just hope I come back. I may enjoy living on the road so much, that I'll just keep on truckin'.

Okay, now that I've said that, if I disappear and go missing, the media is going to jump on this particular blog post to show that I disappeared of my own doing. "Blog Post proves North Shore Woman Responsible for her Own Disappearance".

Dear Media and Police,
I'm not running away. If I go missing, please try to find me. It means that something bad happened. I plan on coming back from my road trip on time and refreshed.

Diane M. Dolan