Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I Woke Up and it was all a Dream...

The buyers bailed on their offer. I am disappointed, but I've realized a few things:
1. Before I tell others news, make sure that the news is solid.
2. Our children learn how to deal with disappointments by watching us deal with disappointments.
3. I really LIKED the family time we spent together as we were contemplating this decision and have vowed to keep it up.
4. I'm sort of wimpy, but have learned to put my foot down through this experience.
5. I'm going to clean out my closet anyway.
6. Live for the day, not for the future.

There - that's what I learned.


1 comment:

Janice said...

Life lessons like this are truly difficult but worthwhile in the long run. I have found that it makes you look at what is REALLY important in your life and then to let the rest happen. I am praying that the right buyer will come along at the right time for you and your family. Blessings! (Will you come and clean out my closet, too?)