Saturday, June 12, 2010

Geocaching Continued

We all begin to look for the "treasure". We look under the bridge and I get a great shot of Mickey

We look around the bridge. We look in the crevices of the bridge. We look in the trees surrounding the bridge.
It's really hot outside and humid, but we keep looking, partly because it has been so long since we've ALL (everyone including John) spent some quality outside time together. We are getting weary, because no one really knows what we're looking for - we just know it's treasure. After half an hour or so, we decide that due to the new construction that has taken place on this particular bridge recently, the "treasure" must have been destroyed. We agree to move on, with two of the ALL deciding to go back home to the air conditioning.

Our little gizmo tells us that there is more "treasure" just 2500 feet or so east. We all head toward the treasure with the two quitters deciding to follow along with us until they can make the turn toward home. There they will say adios and wish the rest of us well.
Four of us are left, Me, Mickey, Katie Rose and Johnny (I guess you can guess who the quitters were). At 500 feet left to the treasure, according to our gizmo, we look in the direction of the treasure and see I-94 between us and the prize. What to do? What to do? We are certainly not going to cross the highway. We'll have to go around. Can you see, in the photo, that overpass waaaaay toward the back? We're gonna have to walk over that and then back to where we are, only this time we'll end up over the highway.

Mickey is out. He's done and says adios and wishes us well.

Did I mention that it was super humid and hot? We weren't expecting a long hike, so we didn't bring any water bottles. The three of us left talk badly about the "quitters" as we walk and walk and walk. The overpass looked much closer than it truly was. At one point, we really had to get water, so we walked into a storage facility on the frontage road. The minute we walked in, we were overwhelmed with cool air conditioning. Ahhhhhhhhhh! The man on duty offered us water from their water cooler. We were so happy and refreshed and ready to continue our journey.

We arrived at the overpass and crossed. What great perseverers we were. We knew that once we were over the overpass, the hardest part was over.
We walked some more, but the sights to see on THIS side of I-94 were much more beautiful. There is a whole forest preserve back there with water and stuff. It was still hot, but we were among fellow hikers and bikers and outdoorsmen. We felt so good about ourselves - so good that we didn't have to talk out loud about those "quitters" we left behind, we could just think pitiful thoughts about them and what they were missing.

To be continued.

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