Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cousin Camp

Here is an email I received from my sister, Kelley, yesterday. I know that those of you who are reading this and are NOT in my family are gonna be super jealous and I'm sorry for that, but I am just so dang excited and I love my fun family and I can't wait until we get there.
At our first official meeting, the Camping Capers Committee designated Kelley Jilek as Camp Director, Ryan Jilek as Head Chef, and Sophie Jilek as Camp Activities Director. We were sorry no other member were able to make the meeting. The official quorum of three made all decisions and okayed them so we're good to go! :) As of right now, we've determined the following nights as:
Monday - All American Night - menu to include All American faire. Brats, hot dogs, potato salad, watermelon, chips...typical picnic food! Yes, red, white, and blue is a must for attire! (Katie Rose is all over this)
Tuesday - Tour of Italy - Each of us will be making our own pizzas on the grill. Where the same red and white, but add a little green!
Wednesday - Asian Night - One Night Only! We will serve some flied lice and have Shishkabob Shibang! Come hungry, leave happy. Old Asian saying. :) (I have nominated Gracey and her love of everything Korean to supply us with entertainment on this night)
Thursday - Cowboy Country - Y'all come on down for some good ole home cookin' at its best. Hamburgers, barbequed beans, corn on the cob, maybe even some Hobo Dinners. Gather round to whet your whistle and enjoy some finger lickin' good vittles. You can count on some good fixins that's for sure! (Margarita - I think you could pull us some country music out of your butt and bring along some extra cowboy hats for the city cousins)
Friday - Well, Friday Fiesta, of course! Ole! We'll be making and pressing our own corn tortillas to enjoy with all the traditional taco tastings. Maybe even some fajita ingredients to change things up a bit.
Camp Activities Director would like everyone to know that she encourages everyone to dress the part each night. Be assured that as Camp Activities Director, she will be playing the part . Any questions, email them to Camp Director and they'll be forwarded to the appropriate parties.
We would like a vote on breakfasts, but have several ideas for that, too. We need to know if everyone is game for cooking and eating together or what everyone had planned on doing. Chef Ryan doesn't mind at all being at the cooking helm. :)
We are still looking for a volunteer to be in charge of Camp Olympics. This person's official title will be Camp Olympics Director! (Nancy?)
And we need a Geocache Director. We'll need some easy and a few more challenging geocaches. We've got one GPS...do we have a second? (Johnny wants to be Geocache Director)
Camp Activities Director has some ideas for a scavenger hunt, but will need some help. Diane, can you bring your printer? We'll also need all available digital cameras (as in each group will bring their own). Does anyone have any other ideas for camping crafts? If not, watch out, we'll come up with some more. (Jeanette? you are a shoe-in for this)
Please let us know if you have any problems with anything the committee has come up with. We can always change plans. However, plans are underway and it will be much easier if we get gripes up front, rather than later in the game.
What time is everyone planning on arriving to camp the first night - July 5th? We'll be there bright and early (well, in our dreams)...We will try to make it there early enough to have food set up for people as they arrive. (Say 5:00-6:00?)
Looking forward to some fun and relaxation. Most activities will take place in the evening, centered around dinner hour so the days are free for the most part.
Only 3 more weeks! :)
Camp Director

I would like to be director of a camp show at the end of the week. Is anyone opposed?


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