Saturday, May 1, 2010

May Day

If any of my siblings are reading this post, I would please like you to let me know if I am making it up or it is a true memory....

Did we or did we not, on May 1 each year, scour our neighbors' yards for flowers to pick and give mom? I seem to remember that we were supposed to give flowers to mom on May Day and then dance around the may pole. I recall some of the neighbors getting upset that we were picking their flowers.

And remember that great big May Pole we had in our back yard, all decorated beautifully? And remember how each May 1st we'd all wake up early and put on our church clothes, grab a ribbon and dance around it? (Okay, I don't remember that either, but there is such a fine line between crazy and pretend crazy that I was just curious to see if you all truly thought I was losing my mind.)

Happy May Day. Go dance around a pole today or pick your neighbors' flowers.


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hintoflovexox said...

we never picked flowers or went to church.