Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A First Second

I got a call at work yesterday from our realtor, Marsha.  "How's your house look?" Someone wanted to see it in an hour.  I got me some coverage for the front desk for a bit, drove home, made beds, hid laundry, turned on all the lights.  The whole time I'm doing this, I'm saying to myself,, "Don't get your hopes up; don't get your hopes up; don't get your hopes up." 

By the time I got back to work, my hopes were up.

After work, I went for my evening run (okay, I don't really run, but it sounded good).  After work, I went for my 1/2 hour walk.  As I was returning home, I noticed a white Chevy with Missouri plates slowly driving by our house, pulling up to the front and stopping.  Inside was a woman gesturing toward our house to a man.  I knew right away that these were the people who saw the house earlier.  I said to myself, "I know that your hopes are up a little, but don't let them get any higher.  I know that this is a good sign that they came back to your house because you would do the exact same thing to a house you were interested in, but don't get your hopes up any higher."  To God I said, "Oh, Lord.  THY will be done, not mine."

I made dinner, took a shower and was getting ready for bed (I go to bed at 9:00) when John ran upstairs and said, "They want to see the house again in 25 minutes."  Oh no!  I was caught off guard; my hopes rose.  I mean, we've never, ever had a second showing and this was occurring in the same day!  I made myself become like a zombie who didn't really care in order to "show" the outside world that my hopes were not raised.  John, the children and I piled into the car and drove to Grandma's.  There we watched a very silly show on River Monsters and listened to Johnny spout out about how exciting this could be - the adventure that could be starting.  I remained calm and zombie-like as they all talked about New Mexico.  I allowed myself a little bit of excitement as I realized that New Mexico may actually be a possibility and I got scared.

We finally got the "all clear" call from the realtor at about 10:30ish.  I had asked her to get as much scoop as she could and report back to me right away.  This is what she got:  Transfer, their house is for sale and she wasn't sure if the purchase of a house here is contingent on a sale there, they both liked the house and the space, he is transferring here immediately and she (and the family) are coming at the end of the summer, staying at a hotel nearby.

That's where I am this morning.  I admit that my hopes are up and if it doesn't work out?....well....we'll try again next time.  I'll keep you posted.


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