Monday, April 19, 2010

Weekend with Mom

What a perfect visit. Not too long, not too short...just perfect. Mom arrived on Friday night. She left on Sunday afternoon. We spent all day Saturday at the zoo, visiting with the animals and with each other. The kids had fun with her, she had fun with the kids. John hasn't seen her in a long time and they were able to have a nice visit.

Visit - spending time catching up with someone you haven't spent time with in a while. When someone visits you, you share your life with them. When you visit someone, you allow them to share their life with you. What a blessing to be able to share this life of mine with my mom this weekend.


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Jan said...

Mona!! Wow, she looks great! Tell her and LG I said hi. :)

I don't remember that we talked about BSF - we may have. That's just one more proof that we ARE soul sistahs! Boy, would I ever love discussing Isaiah with YOU! I finished my 7 years about, oh, 3 years ago. I really miss having that discipline in my life. and I love the depth of the studies. Good stuff!