Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Summer jobs for the kids

So, I'm thinkin'...."maybe my kids should all get jobs this summer." They could raise their own money to go to the movies, walk to Walgreens, go to Borders, all sorts of opportunities would be open to them once they had their own money. The problem is not so much giving one of them money to go to the's that once you give one money to go to the movies, you feel obliged to give all the other ones the same amount of money and then next thing you know, you're broke. It's just easier to give none of them money....OR have them get their own jobs.

So, I'm thinkin'....."what sort of jobs could my kids get? After all, they are 15, 12 and 11." Yeah, yeah, there's always the good ole "Lemonade Stand" and babysitting, or the "one cent per dandelion game." They could all work, but none of them are perfect. And then I went to the zoo and saw this:

So, I'm thinkin'...."I'm gonna take my kids to the zoo with their viola, cello and ukelele, sit them on a bench with their cases open, have them pluck a few strings and just see what happens." Huh? Great idea? Maybe I'll even make up a sign that says..."Please help us continue our lessons." Oh my gosh! It's brilliant.

Maybe they'll even be able to give ME money for the movies.


Pamela Callahan said...

I don't know how to respond.


Me either...Since it is you, I am not sure if you're serious or not. haha ;)

Janice said...

We actually saw that in Boulder, CO last month. Girl practicing/playing her violin with her case open in front of her and her mom (I am assuming) sitting close by. Not sure how successful she was but the music was nice.