Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Strange Phenomenon

It has been well over a year and a half since I've had a cigarette. I quit for the last time in Oct. 2008. A strange thing is happening this week, though. I've been craving a cigarette really badly for the last few days. There could be a few reasons....1)The weather is so nice that it reminds me of just hanging out on the front porch smoking and knitting.....2)John gave up cigars for Lent and once Easter hit, the aroma of tobacco is yummy....3)Working on inventory for MyAuntDotty is causing me to live my creative side and I used to always smoke when I was being creative - it helped me to process ideas.

Whatever the reason, my mind is telling me that just one isn't going to do any harm, but you and I know better.

I thank my really good friend, Pam, for not giving in to my request for one the other night out on her patio. If she would have done as I asked and brought out a pack of cigarettes, I know that I would have had one. I know it with all my heart.

Perhaps a few prayers for strength until this weird spring craving is gone again and I can enjoy these glorious days of spring just that much more.

Here is a spring picture for you. I posted one a while ago, but neglected to give the illustrator credit. Her name is Joan Augland Walsh? Geez! Why can't I remember? Kelley knows. Joan Walsh Augland? Agland? Angland? Well, here is the picture anyhow.

It's Angland - thanks, Kelley

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kelleyj said...

Yeah, another JWA it!