Saturday, April 17, 2010

Mom's Here

I want to share this quickly with you because it's just funny. My mom is visiting from TN. She lives there, with my sister and her family. She's only here for a few days and hasn't been here in a long time.

This morning, I woke up, did my Bible Study and fell back to sleep on the sofa downstairs. The phone began to ring and ring and ring. Surely it would go to the machine or the person on the other end would realize that no one was going to answer it. Finally, after about 100 rings, it stopped. I closed my eyes again and my cell phone started ringing and ringing and ringing. Same thing....I figured it would go to voice mail. Wrong! The house phone started ringing again. "Oh no," I thought, "It must be an emergency or maybe it's Marsha and she has scheduled a showing. I jumped up to answer the phone and, of course, couldn't find it. I followed the sound until I located a phone in my craft studio. I squinted to see who was calling (this because I can no longer see anything up close without my reader glasses, but of course, when I jumped up to answer the phone, they were not on my head - I was asleep after all when the phone started ringing). I was able to vaguely make out the name of my sister in TN. So I answered.

We laughed as she apologized for calling so early, but her son needed to talk to Mom to see if she knew where his baseball jersey was. We laughed as my sister acknowledged that "Mom couldn't even go to another sibling's house for a quiet visit without my sister stalking her."

Ahhhh, I just love my family!


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Cricket said...

enjoy your visit with you mom Diane!