Monday, April 26, 2010

We Learn As We Go

I admit disappointment. I had prepared myself for all kinds of outcomes from the show at Regina, but in reality, when the rubber met the road (not sure where THAT expression came from), I came home disappointed.

When my children are disappointed in something what do I tell them? I say, "Oh, honey, I know things aren't what you expected, but let's see what we can learn. We learn not to expect so much." No, I never tell them this, because I believe that you need to dream big. I say, "Oh, honey, it wasn't your fault, you just can't help some things." No, I never tell them this, because I believe that you need to always be flexible and prepared to change your course of action if the need arises. You need to be able to make lemonade out of lemons. I say, "Oh, honey, maybe (fill in blank)isn't your thing. Let's search out some other hobbies." No, I never say that, because how the heck are you supposed to get any better at anything if you don't practice. You need to take a look at the situation, figure it out, learn from it and jump back on the horse, making the necessary changes.

Okay, I feel better now. Thanks for this pep talk. I should talk to myself more often. Here are some of the pics I took yesterday. As painful a reminder as they are, they can help me for next time.

Oh, and one more thing....last night at dinner, I accidentally put blue cheese dressing on my mashed potatoes instead of my salad. I looked at John and asked him, "Do you ever REALLY worry that I'm losing my mind?" He assured me that, "no, he doesn't REALLY worry."

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jenjock1 said...

2 things....I'm sorry it didn't go how you planned. BUT. that ABC print is ADORABLE. Did you design it? Would you be willing to sell it to me? (Without the frame because shipping on the frame would be insanity, I think)
Let me know!