Monday, April 12, 2010

House is on the Market Again

Here is how I feel about the whole "House-on-the-market" thing. Blah and yuck. The house would sell tomorrow (or even today) if we had it for sale for like $500,000. I asked the question to the Realtor, "Could you sell the house tomorrow for $600,000? Her answer, "Yes, absolutely." "Could you sell the house tomorrow for $700,000?" "Yup." "Could you sell it for $800,000 tomorrow?" "Yes, I could," she said with very slight hesitation. "What about 9?" Here was the magic number that she couldn't say "yes" to selling in one day. So here is where, if we want to sell is what we will probably sell for; however, having said that, by selling it at between $900,000 and 1 million, we will be giving the house away.

So, the question I have to ask myself is this, "Am I willing to work my butt off to keep the house clean and in good showing order if, we - as a family (and I'm talking of John here, but trying not to make him the bad guy and make it sound like our decisions are mutually agreed upon, which they are, but sometimes one side is pushing harder for one thing and the other side is pushing harder for another thing) - list the house at too high of a price, which, in my opinion, is not going to get us many showings anyhow?"

My answer to myself is....I'm not going to clean my craft studio. There, now you have it.



Janice said...

Maybe that will actually help the price. It would make another crafty person feel right at home.

Jody said...

My personal opinion is that if God wants you to move, He can sell your house at whatever price you list it. And He can sell it without your scrap room cleaned up too. He's that good. He works in the heart and not by sight. =)
I would love to get to Dolan Lodge again sometime- especially to see you and your creative space.
I hope that you and hubby find peace in this situation together- no matter who gets their way. =) And in the end, may you feel that you are right where God wants you to be. Because there's nothing better than that in this world! Love to you and all your beautiful family {and home}. Miss you bunches!