Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Glee Premier

We were full of anticipation at seeing some of our favorite Glee stars tonight. They had been on all the Chicago TV stations, and tonight was the night that the special premiere was being shown. It took place at a movie theater in Naperville, IL and we drove about 1 hour to get there. Everyone had their autograph books ready.

We arrived about 2 hours early - we weren't sure what traffic was going to be like, so we left a bit early. Once we figured out where the theater was, we decided to go to Portillos to eat....well, Gracey wanted Taco Bell and Mickey and Katie Rose wanted Boston Market, but I really wanted Portillos and since I was know how it goes.

When we finished eating we went back to the theater. A line was forming and we weren't the first ones, but we weren't the last either. This theater is the type where you go and they serve you food and drinks. We selected a place pretty close to the front (so we could see the stars real good and stuff). It was about 1/2 an hour until the show, and the hosts were inviting people up to do Karaoke.....well, I LOVE Karaoke. Gracey and Katie Rose were mortified at the thought and kept saying very seriously, "Mom, no. Mom, really, no. Mom, don't do it, seriously."

Mickey is all like, "Mom, I dare you."

I've lived long enough to know that you only live once and so what the heck. I wanted to win a hat.

I went up to the stage and Mickey joined me. We had to wait for a couple of other groups to go before us, but when it was our turn, we rocked the house. Katie Rose had decided to join us and she and Mickey danced to my "I Feel the Earth Move". When it was all over, the crowd went wild. It was so dang fun!!! Once all of the acts were finished, we were all called back onstage for the audience to vote for the winner of the hats and CD's. Needless to say we were the champions and went home with 3 hats and 3 CDs (well, two hats because there was a little kid who really wanted a hat and so I gave him mine, seeing as we were taking home two other ones).

The show started and it was an awesome episode. The show was over and we all sort of just waited for awhile, waiting for the stars.......which never came. LOL We DID get a free poster, though. :)

Here are the photos:

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