Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Don't be alarmed

I am taking an online "Bling Out Your Blog" class by Wilna and Kayla over at Little Light Studio and so don't be alarmed if my blog changes its appearance from day to day. I want to find the perfect fit for me.

I think I'm ready to list my first item in my etsy shop, which is www.MyAuntDotty.etsy.com. I'm going to post it here first to see if the photography of it is acceptable to post in my shop, so give me some feedback. The listing will describe the item along the lines of:

Inspiration Board - a unique display piece for all of your memorabilia. We all need an inspiration place - a place to display those things that inspire us throughout the day. Often a leaf, or a certain piece of fabric, or a simple word is all it takes for me to grow in a given day. Other times black and white photos of those I love or ticket stubs from the show I saw last week with hubby inspire me and make me smile. How simple it is to tack any of these items to this gorgeous board. This Inspiration Board, adorned with birds and music is backed with 1/4" cork board and is sturdy enough to continuously change out whatever inspires you on any given day.

This Inspiration Board measures 33" x 25".
Price: $45
Shipping: I'll need to check on this before I list it for real.

Okay...what do you think? Price-wise too high? too low? Is there enough information? Are there enough pictures? Is the photo quality pleasant to look at? How else would you like to see item displayed?

I'm seriously not going to do this kind of questioning each and every time I list something, but I haven't listed anything for sale before and I want to just make sure that I'm not skipping anything really important.


Jan said...

Hey, I'm taking that class, too! Isn't it fun to play? I think your photos look great. Can't say about the price, tho. I don't hang at Etsy and am very uneducated about pricing stuff... Hope it goes well! :)

jenjock1 said...

So first of all....I would buy that. It's gorgeous. Second, I think the price point is perfect, esp. because of it's size. And I'm a pretty frequent Etsy buyer.
Third, I would lighten the photo a wee bit...I just think it will translate a little better, you know? You want it to catch their eye right off the bat.