Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Age Spots and Stuff

I want to introduce you to Aunt she's not related to Aunt Dotty. Aunt Rosalie, from what I remember because I was young when I knew her was fun. She had a home on a hill. This home contained my favorite room of all time in all of my life. It was a little room surrounded by windows that overlooked her gorgeous back yard, full of different layers of the most beautiful flowers you have ever seen. This little room had a day bed and was warm. I think there was a sewing machine in it, if I remember correctly, although I could be making that part up. I think heaven is going to be exactly like Aunt Rosalie's little room.

Aunt Rosalie had wonderful brown spots all over her hands and arms. I loved her as much as a young child can love someone she doesn't know very well - after all, she was a grown-up.

I think this is why the growing number of large age spots on my hands and arms cause me delight instead of angst. Thank you, Aunt Rosalie.

Oh, a photo for your eyes: This is not Aunt Rosalie's house. It's my back yard, but I wanted to share with you what I see each morning as I blog.

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