Friday, April 30, 2010

Just some photos

Thursday, April 29, 2010

I'd love to share this story

I'd love to share with you why I ate Chipotle for dinner tonight, but that would be breaking the marital rule of not sharing everything with everybody. Suffice it to say that John did not have Chipotle for dinner.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Age Spots and Stuff

I want to introduce you to Aunt she's not related to Aunt Dotty. Aunt Rosalie, from what I remember because I was young when I knew her was fun. She had a home on a hill. This home contained my favorite room of all time in all of my life. It was a little room surrounded by windows that overlooked her gorgeous back yard, full of different layers of the most beautiful flowers you have ever seen. This little room had a day bed and was warm. I think there was a sewing machine in it, if I remember correctly, although I could be making that part up. I think heaven is going to be exactly like Aunt Rosalie's little room.

Aunt Rosalie had wonderful brown spots all over her hands and arms. I loved her as much as a young child can love someone she doesn't know very well - after all, she was a grown-up.

I think this is why the growing number of large age spots on my hands and arms cause me delight instead of angst. Thank you, Aunt Rosalie.

Oh, a photo for your eyes: This is not Aunt Rosalie's house. It's my back yard, but I wanted to share with you what I see each morning as I blog.

Monday, April 26, 2010

We Learn As We Go

I admit disappointment. I had prepared myself for all kinds of outcomes from the show at Regina, but in reality, when the rubber met the road (not sure where THAT expression came from), I came home disappointed.

When my children are disappointed in something what do I tell them? I say, "Oh, honey, I know things aren't what you expected, but let's see what we can learn. We learn not to expect so much." No, I never tell them this, because I believe that you need to dream big. I say, "Oh, honey, it wasn't your fault, you just can't help some things." No, I never tell them this, because I believe that you need to always be flexible and prepared to change your course of action if the need arises. You need to be able to make lemonade out of lemons. I say, "Oh, honey, maybe (fill in blank)isn't your thing. Let's search out some other hobbies." No, I never say that, because how the heck are you supposed to get any better at anything if you don't practice. You need to take a look at the situation, figure it out, learn from it and jump back on the horse, making the necessary changes.

Okay, I feel better now. Thanks for this pep talk. I should talk to myself more often. Here are some of the pics I took yesterday. As painful a reminder as they are, they can help me for next time.

Oh, and one more thing....last night at dinner, I accidentally put blue cheese dressing on my mashed potatoes instead of my salad. I looked at John and asked him, "Do you ever REALLY worry that I'm losing my mind?" He assured me that, "no, he doesn't REALLY worry."

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Regina Show Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the day of the Regina High School Dramatic Dining event. It's where I am going to try and sell some of my wares. Although I'm a little nervous because I am unsure of what to expect at this particular event, I'm excited about seeing what, if anything, sells so as to learn what I'm doing that is working and what I'm doing that isn't working.

I just know that you are all anxious to see how I make out, so I'll keep you posted. Today I'm just finishing up inventory and coming up with creative ways to display all I have. I'll take lots of pics.

Wish me luck.


Friday, April 23, 2010

A Day Off

Have you ever been a "stay at home mom?"
Have you ever been a "stay at home mom who longs for the day that you can go back to work?"
Have you ever been a "stay at home mom who longs for the day that you can go back to work and then that day comes and you go back to work?"
Have you ever been a "stay at home mom who longs for the day that you can go back to work and then that day comes and you go back to work and then you just want a day off to stay at home?"

Yeah, that's what I did yesterday. It was GLORIOUS! I took the kids to school and went back home. It was so WEIRD! It was quiet and serene. I could hear the birds singing. I began to craft and I crafted all day with a quick trip to Michael's for some supplies. I even took a trip to my friend Jane's house, just like in the old days of our group "crafty ladies", to pick up some tags she made for me for the craft sale this weekend. I put on an audio book, and listened to a murder mystery as I crafted. It was such a productive day.

I swear my mind is wondering what it would be like to do this every day. Of course, now we aren't in any position to afford for me to do that, but a girl can dream.


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Summer jobs for the kids

So, I'm thinkin'...."maybe my kids should all get jobs this summer." They could raise their own money to go to the movies, walk to Walgreens, go to Borders, all sorts of opportunities would be open to them once they had their own money. The problem is not so much giving one of them money to go to the's that once you give one money to go to the movies, you feel obliged to give all the other ones the same amount of money and then next thing you know, you're broke. It's just easier to give none of them money....OR have them get their own jobs.

So, I'm thinkin'....."what sort of jobs could my kids get? After all, they are 15, 12 and 11." Yeah, yeah, there's always the good ole "Lemonade Stand" and babysitting, or the "one cent per dandelion game." They could all work, but none of them are perfect. And then I went to the zoo and saw this:

So, I'm thinkin'...."I'm gonna take my kids to the zoo with their viola, cello and ukelele, sit them on a bench with their cases open, have them pluck a few strings and just see what happens." Huh? Great idea? Maybe I'll even make up a sign that says..."Please help us continue our lessons." Oh my gosh! It's brilliant.

Maybe they'll even be able to give ME money for the movies.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Weekend with Mom

What a perfect visit. Not too long, not too short...just perfect. Mom arrived on Friday night. She left on Sunday afternoon. We spent all day Saturday at the zoo, visiting with the animals and with each other. The kids had fun with her, she had fun with the kids. John hasn't seen her in a long time and they were able to have a nice visit.

Visit - spending time catching up with someone you haven't spent time with in a while. When someone visits you, you share your life with them. When you visit someone, you allow them to share their life with you. What a blessing to be able to share this life of mine with my mom this weekend.


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Mom's Here

I want to share this quickly with you because it's just funny. My mom is visiting from TN. She lives there, with my sister and her family. She's only here for a few days and hasn't been here in a long time.

This morning, I woke up, did my Bible Study and fell back to sleep on the sofa downstairs. The phone began to ring and ring and ring. Surely it would go to the machine or the person on the other end would realize that no one was going to answer it. Finally, after about 100 rings, it stopped. I closed my eyes again and my cell phone started ringing and ringing and ringing. Same thing....I figured it would go to voice mail. Wrong! The house phone started ringing again. "Oh no," I thought, "It must be an emergency or maybe it's Marsha and she has scheduled a showing. I jumped up to answer the phone and, of course, couldn't find it. I followed the sound until I located a phone in my craft studio. I squinted to see who was calling (this because I can no longer see anything up close without my reader glasses, but of course, when I jumped up to answer the phone, they were not on my head - I was asleep after all when the phone started ringing). I was able to vaguely make out the name of my sister in TN. So I answered.

We laughed as she apologized for calling so early, but her son needed to talk to Mom to see if she knew where his baseball jersey was. We laughed as my sister acknowledged that "Mom couldn't even go to another sibling's house for a quiet visit without my sister stalking her."

Ahhhh, I just love my family!


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

There are some trends that are just perfect for certain people. These glasses were the 3D glasses from Avatar with the lenses popped out. I've seen this look on more than one kid and after the initial resemblance to the "big nose glasses," they start to look kind of cool. All of my children wear this look well, but I only had the photo of Mickey. Maybe I'll attempt this look one day - just to see if I can pull it off in public. The thing with this look is that you have to have the "attitude" to go with it....that "I have all sorts of confidence in who I am and I don't really care how you judge me" attitude. Thanks to Gracey for introducing this attitude to our family.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Don't be alarmed

I am taking an online "Bling Out Your Blog" class by Wilna and Kayla over at Little Light Studio and so don't be alarmed if my blog changes its appearance from day to day. I want to find the perfect fit for me.

I think I'm ready to list my first item in my etsy shop, which is I'm going to post it here first to see if the photography of it is acceptable to post in my shop, so give me some feedback. The listing will describe the item along the lines of:

Inspiration Board - a unique display piece for all of your memorabilia. We all need an inspiration place - a place to display those things that inspire us throughout the day. Often a leaf, or a certain piece of fabric, or a simple word is all it takes for me to grow in a given day. Other times black and white photos of those I love or ticket stubs from the show I saw last week with hubby inspire me and make me smile. How simple it is to tack any of these items to this gorgeous board. This Inspiration Board, adorned with birds and music is backed with 1/4" cork board and is sturdy enough to continuously change out whatever inspires you on any given day.

This Inspiration Board measures 33" x 25".
Price: $45
Shipping: I'll need to check on this before I list it for real.

Okay...what do you think? Price-wise too high? too low? Is there enough information? Are there enough pictures? Is the photo quality pleasant to look at? How else would you like to see item displayed?

I'm seriously not going to do this kind of questioning each and every time I list something, but I haven't listed anything for sale before and I want to just make sure that I'm not skipping anything really important.

Monday, April 12, 2010

House is on the Market Again

Here is how I feel about the whole "House-on-the-market" thing. Blah and yuck. The house would sell tomorrow (or even today) if we had it for sale for like $500,000. I asked the question to the Realtor, "Could you sell the house tomorrow for $600,000? Her answer, "Yes, absolutely." "Could you sell the house tomorrow for $700,000?" "Yup." "Could you sell it for $800,000 tomorrow?" "Yes, I could," she said with very slight hesitation. "What about 9?" Here was the magic number that she couldn't say "yes" to selling in one day. So here is where, if we want to sell is what we will probably sell for; however, having said that, by selling it at between $900,000 and 1 million, we will be giving the house away.

So, the question I have to ask myself is this, "Am I willing to work my butt off to keep the house clean and in good showing order if, we - as a family (and I'm talking of John here, but trying not to make him the bad guy and make it sound like our decisions are mutually agreed upon, which they are, but sometimes one side is pushing harder for one thing and the other side is pushing harder for another thing) - list the house at too high of a price, which, in my opinion, is not going to get us many showings anyhow?"

My answer to myself is....I'm not going to clean my craft studio. There, now you have it.


Saturday, April 10, 2010

Gracey's First Driving Behind the Wheel with Instructor

I seriously was in a dilemma, today. Gracey was freaking out about having to actually drive in the car today with her instructor. I don't think I've ever seen her this worried about something before - well one other time, but we won't talk about that. So much so that I considered canceling the driving until she was more ready. The thing is, I don't think she could be more ready. She drives fine - she is just nervous that the instructor will yell at her.

Of course the instructor didn't yell at her, but he DID have a pretty thick accent and when she heard him say, "Alright, alright", she thought that he was telling her that she was doing a fine job, when in fact he was telling her to "Turn right. Turn right." He only had to press the brake on his side of the car once.

She survived, but I thought after this, she'd see that it wasn't so scary after all, but I think she's even more scared than before. I guess that'll be another year in therapy.


Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Glee Premier

We were full of anticipation at seeing some of our favorite Glee stars tonight. They had been on all the Chicago TV stations, and tonight was the night that the special premiere was being shown. It took place at a movie theater in Naperville, IL and we drove about 1 hour to get there. Everyone had their autograph books ready.

We arrived about 2 hours early - we weren't sure what traffic was going to be like, so we left a bit early. Once we figured out where the theater was, we decided to go to Portillos to eat....well, Gracey wanted Taco Bell and Mickey and Katie Rose wanted Boston Market, but I really wanted Portillos and since I was know how it goes.

When we finished eating we went back to the theater. A line was forming and we weren't the first ones, but we weren't the last either. This theater is the type where you go and they serve you food and drinks. We selected a place pretty close to the front (so we could see the stars real good and stuff). It was about 1/2 an hour until the show, and the hosts were inviting people up to do Karaoke.....well, I LOVE Karaoke. Gracey and Katie Rose were mortified at the thought and kept saying very seriously, "Mom, no. Mom, really, no. Mom, don't do it, seriously."

Mickey is all like, "Mom, I dare you."

I've lived long enough to know that you only live once and so what the heck. I wanted to win a hat.

I went up to the stage and Mickey joined me. We had to wait for a couple of other groups to go before us, but when it was our turn, we rocked the house. Katie Rose had decided to join us and she and Mickey danced to my "I Feel the Earth Move". When it was all over, the crowd went wild. It was so dang fun!!! Once all of the acts were finished, we were all called back onstage for the audience to vote for the winner of the hats and CD's. Needless to say we were the champions and went home with 3 hats and 3 CDs (well, two hats because there was a little kid who really wanted a hat and so I gave him mine, seeing as we were taking home two other ones).

The show started and it was an awesome episode. The show was over and we all sort of just waited for awhile, waiting for the stars.......which never came. LOL We DID get a free poster, though. :)

Here are the photos:

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Strange Phenomenon

It has been well over a year and a half since I've had a cigarette. I quit for the last time in Oct. 2008. A strange thing is happening this week, though. I've been craving a cigarette really badly for the last few days. There could be a few reasons....1)The weather is so nice that it reminds me of just hanging out on the front porch smoking and knitting.....2)John gave up cigars for Lent and once Easter hit, the aroma of tobacco is yummy....3)Working on inventory for MyAuntDotty is causing me to live my creative side and I used to always smoke when I was being creative - it helped me to process ideas.

Whatever the reason, my mind is telling me that just one isn't going to do any harm, but you and I know better.

I thank my really good friend, Pam, for not giving in to my request for one the other night out on her patio. If she would have done as I asked and brought out a pack of cigarettes, I know that I would have had one. I know it with all my heart.

Perhaps a few prayers for strength until this weird spring craving is gone again and I can enjoy these glorious days of spring just that much more.

Here is a spring picture for you. I posted one a while ago, but neglected to give the illustrator credit. Her name is Joan Augland Walsh? Geez! Why can't I remember? Kelley knows. Joan Walsh Augland? Agland? Angland? Well, here is the picture anyhow.

It's Angland - thanks, Kelley

Monday, April 5, 2010

I'm Getting Panicky and this is Dumb.

This is so embarrassing that I should probably not even share it, but I'm starting to panic a little. I just know that there are others like me out there, so I'll just share and hope for the best.

It is about 9:30pm my time on Monday April 5th. I'm panicking because I'm in bed and my first official Spring Break day is over and it's all going so fast! Sure, I slept in, shared coffee on the front porch with my husband, went to Evanston, had lunch with my boy before he went back to SLU, even took a nap. It was a good why do I feel like I'm missing something important?

I DID go into work today to work with the CCD 2nd graders on their communion songs. Maybe it was being back in the school building that made me freak out a little. My school nurse friend, Mary, was there as well. She was teaching an inclusion class to CCD 5th graders. Maybe being in the building and seeing a co-worker caused me to freak out a little.

Let's just assume - worst case scenario - that I don't get as much done over break as I'd like to, or that I waste the whole week just relaxing and resting or that I work the whole week and wonder what happened to my break.....the worst thing that could happen is that we go back to school for another 2 months at the very most and then we're on summer vacation.

Okay, when I put it that way, I don't freak out so much. Thanks for being there for me. :)


Sunday, April 4, 2010

Some Easter Family Time

What a great, awesome, and glorious day! Sometimes family time such as we had today just can't be planned. Everything worked together today, from moods to weather, to make this Easter one of the most memerable ever.


Friday, April 2, 2010

Friday Finds

Look what I found. How funny are these? Unfortunately they are sold out, but wouldn't it be fun to have these hanging from my rear view mirror?

Anticipation Satisfied

So I wait and I wait....I wait from October through June sometimes. And although I know that my waiting is not completely done, I rejoice in this GORGEOUS, glorious, warm day.

I was out earlier this morning and while I initially thought that all was silent, I came to know that the morning was alive with sound - the sound of birds of all sorts, loud ones, little ones, red ones, black ones. The more I listened, the louder they got.

Why oh why does anyone ever move away from this experience into coldness? I guess that is what Lent is all about. Blessed Good Friday.