Friday, March 26, 2010

A Pile of Bikes

Does this look to you like a pile of bikes or an artistic expression of creativeness? Do you think this was done by some teenage delinquents who were bored or do you think this was done by a thoughtful young adult you wanted to show that there could be beauty in the everyday, humdrum, routines of life, if you just rearrange it a little bit.



Cricket said...

my first thought is that kids were being goofy with their bikes. I didn't think it might be intentional, in which case, that is kind of cool!


Pamela Callahan said...

I like it as art. However, it could have been a wise guy who was late for school. But I am going to call is art.

Jan said...

Hey, Diane! Found your blog...yay! I'm putting you on my google reader. :)

anyway, it's fun to think it's intentional art (the bikes) but I think, rather, it's most likely UNintentional art. Which really only differs slighy in intention on the part of the artist but makes no difference on the part of the viewer of said art. Either way, we can enjoy and appreciate it and that's what really matters.

Wow. That was pretty philosophical for 9:49 p.m. ;)