Friday, March 5, 2010

My Boy Came Home

I was backing out of the parking lot at work yesterday and as I backed out of the space, some kid in a shiny blue car came out of nowhere...good thing I got a glimpse of the car before I backed right into him. Next thing I know, he pulls up right next to my van and stares at us. I was momentarily freaked out, wondering what this kid wanted.

While this was going on, Mickey was "playing" his drum part for me that he had practiced in band today and Katie Rose was loudly begging him to stop. In automatic gear, I was starting in on my "we need to support each other in their ambitions" lecture that I feel obliged to spout out daily, so as to stop the yelling and drumming when this above blue car incident happened.

I looked questioningly at the kid in the shiny blue car so see if he needed anything - seeing as I work at the school and he was at the school and I was wondering what the heck he was doing there driving too fast in the parking lot and pulling right up next to me.

It was then that I finally realized that it was my very own son come home from college for Spring break! I thought he was going to be in FL, but apparently those plans fell through, so he came home to surprise us.

Good thing I took the van out of reverse and put it into park before I screamed and jumped out of the van to give him a great big hug. Katie and Mickey were screaming, too, as they also jumped out to give him a big hug.

There are two things I find really revealing about myself in this incident: (Oh, and you might want to write these down because they're really good) 1) When not expecting it, even the familiar can momentarily be unrecognizable (Wow! This would make a reallly good spiritual lesson) and 2) There is a feeling of such relief when all your babies are home in one place - even if you didn't realize that this feeling of relief was missing.

Okay, let's see if I can find a photo for you to look at, because who wants to look at a blog post without a photo?

Oh look, it's me on Ash Wednesday

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