Tuesday, March 23, 2010

More Aunt Dotty

Have you ever wondered, "What if.....?" Sure you have. I'm going to start a what if game. The object of the game is to create a personality that becomes your "other" you. This is the you, you would be if you didn't have any responsibilities. I don't mean this game in a negative - oh-I-hate-my-life sort of way. I just mean in a way that if your life took a different path, this is how it would be.....this is where I'd live.....this is how I would handle this situation.

I've named my "What if" person and she is going to be the inspiration and personality behind my new indie business. Her name is Dotty and she is who this new business is named after. I spoke a little about her in a previous post, but she's developed a little bit and I wanted to share her. For the purpose of keeping real real and business business, I'm going to call her My Aunt Dotty. She manifests herself to me in the form of a really cool, funky, fresh and free aunt. She is wise and kind-hearted and generous. She travels. One thing that draws me into her world is her love of the unusual. She doesn't spend much time in wondering if something is done the way "it's supposed to be done". She spends her precious time appreciating what is and analyzing why it's appealing. She doesn't always LOVE everything she sees, but she appreciates its history, it's creator, and it's uniqueness. She would never hurt anyone's feelings on purpose or be mean to anyone, but she speaks her mind and always speaks the truth.

Let's see if I can find a fun photo for the day.

LOVE this! I found a whole box of these illustrations by .....shoot, I forgot her name and I'm upstairs and the name is downstairs. I want to give credit to the proper person, so I'll add the name tomorrow morning when I'm downstairs. For now, just know that I think her initials are JA or something. Do you remember playing around the maypole each May 1st and going around and picking all of the neighbors flowers to give to your mom? I do.

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kelleyj said...

Here's the funny thing, Diane. Her name is Joan Walsh Anglund and she has been my very favorite artist since I was a child. I collected her pocket dolls and anything else I could get my hands on that she made. I currently started collecting her monthly plates that I display each month with a smile! :) I'm sure you've posted her name by now in a later post, but I started on this page and had to give my 2 cents. :)I think I find a connection of sorts here...