Saturday, March 6, 2010

Making it Up as i GO

Normally, I applaud those who make things up as they go, not so much in a lying way (I can't stand liars). Tonight while I was cantoring at church, I couldn't get the beginning note of the Kyrie. It was supposed to be chanted, so I had no sense of where the "ri" part of the "Kyrie" was supposed to go. This was just off of the opening song that ended on the note right above the beginning note of the Kyrie. All to was a train wreck.

I guess it's appropriate for a Kyrie to be a train wreck, seeing as it is a rite of penetance. How appropriate for us to have to cover our ears as the words "Lord, have mercy" are sung. Okay, so for any of you that were out there at St. Philip tonight as I made up the Kyrie as I went along,.....I just wanted to say did it on purpose, just so we could all really feel repentent - you know - the tune going along with the feeling.


Photo so post is exciting:

Gracey doing a photo shoot.

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