Monday, March 15, 2010

Inspiration Place

It may look a little messy, but I love this place. It's my studio in my home. It's bright, full and I mostly know where everything is. I'm just showing you one wall, because...well...the other walls are very similar, but can you imagine spending your time surrounded by all this fun, crafty stuff?

Ahhh.....maybe I should call in sick to work......nah, just kidding. My work ethic would not allow that. I'll just look forward to spending time in here after work.
I am going to do a craft show at Regina Dominican High School on April 25th. I've been working on my inventory and was very productive this weekend. My inspiration boards will be my biggest focus, with the next being on those adorable LilBlueBoo recycled t-shirt dresses. I'll also have eyeglass holder thingies (I'm trying to come up with a clever name for them), ball chain pendant necklaces with upcycled vintage pendants and the ever popular pedestal plates that I am so excited about.

I would just like to take the time to say right here and now that I DID wake up at the new 5:00am today, even though it was really 4:00am. Here is my the whole of life, do we ultimately lose and hour of time or do we gain an hour of time, or does it depend on what time of year we die OR does it depend on when they started Daylight Savings Time.

The discussion at the dinner table last night revolved around the "why" of Daylight Savings Time. John and Gracey thought it had something to do with farming, while I, on the other hand, thought it had something to do with saving energy by not having to put lights on so early. What is the real reason? Anyone?

Have a great day.



Cricket said...

Love your inspiration place!


kelleyj said...

Your inspiration place is an inspiration to me. Where in your house is it? I'm trying to wrap my mind around it. Awesome!