Thursday, March 11, 2010

I think I have it.

When I used to drink (a LOT) I would turn into a delightful, (not so much) crazy, physically disabled, person. I turned into her so often that we (my drinking pals) named her. We named her Dotty. She was cute, fun, obnoxious at times, loveable, goofy, and did I mention crazy? People loved her and wanted her to come out and play with them. She had a very full social schedule. Her dance card was always full. The morning after people would ask each other, "Did you see Dotty last night?" or come up to me on my bar stool and ask, "Are you Diane or Dotty?" or "When's Dotty gonna get here?"

Dotty's been gone for about 13 years now. When she first left, she was sorely missed - by me, by my friends, by my family, but as time went on, those who missed her the most just went off to find another "Dotty". Those who missed her a medium amount got used to her not being around, even though they smiled when they thought of her and the memories they shared with her. Those who missed her just a little can barely even remember what she looked like.

I, for one, miss some things about her, but not everything. She had confidence, high self-esteem, and didn't much care what others thought of her. I miss those things on a certain level, but can embrace them absolutely as Diane. I have true confindence, true self-esteem, true peace in who I am.

I've registered for a new domain name that I'm going to use to house my new indie business venture. Much of what I will sell will be taken from something that had once been discarded, has been dusted off, and is freshened into something fabulous! Framing will be a part of it, but not even close to being all of it. Traditional framing is boring - I'll do it, but it's boring. I'm envisioning a whole new adventure that embraces confidence....not just for me in creating these products, but for the indie buyer who possess the items I create.

All this is in the contemplating stages, but I did want to put my new domain name out there just to see what it looks like in print. Are you ready for it?

How dang fun is that?


Okay a picture for the day:
At the pacific ocean in February.


Jo said...

to me you will always be funny dotty diane who I did several road trips with and always made me believe I could be me without regret.

My only regret is I cant carry you in my pocket to be my voice of reason

love you

Becca said...

Well...I never knew this Dotty, but I think that Diane is pretty fabulous too. She is beautiful and Godly and confident and loyal. She is my friend.

And I love her.


nikki peterson said...

i agree with becca. diane is pretty fabulous... but i love the new domain name.