Monday, March 8, 2010

A Fun Game

Here is a fun game that my son played the other night. You get teams together and begin at a central location. One team member from opposing team is taken "hostage" and blindfolded (so each team now has a hostage from the other team in their car blindfolded). Each team has 7 minutes to drive wherever they want and drop the "hostage" off. At the end of the 7 minutes, the hostage can take off their blindfold and call their teammates. The idea is to figure out where you are and to get your team to come and pick you up and take you back to the central location first.

I guess as the rounds go on, the time gets longer and you take more hostages, so that then two work together to figure out where they are.

And example is that my son and his friend were dropped off in the closet of a mutual friend's house. In that closet there happened to be real estate stuff and they were able to get the address to tell their team members where to get them. They still lost, because Johnny admitted that the girls were way better at this game than the boys, but we all sort of knew that anyway, didn't we?

How much fun is this game. I think I might want to play it....I wonder if it can be turned into some sort of fundraiser for church.

Photo of the day:
Cousin game over Christmas Break

Have all cousins line up against the wall....

One cousin gets to shoot them all with a machine nerf gun.

How fun is that?!

Have a great day.

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