Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Easter Bunny isn't Real??????

Wow! I totally blew it. I thought that when my 11 year old son asked for the Easter Bunny's phone number so that he could ask for a Game Stop gift card for Easter, he was really asking for confirmation that the Easter Bunny was made up. How did I connect THOSE dots, you might ask. Really, it's simple....but it's sort of a long tangled web. Let's see if I can condense it and fill in with pictures.

I've always hated the fact that my children don't know that Santa and the Easter bunny weren't real? I mean, how long can this lying go on without them losing all trust in you when they DO finally find out.

Step 1: (aka Mistake 1)
Earlier today, I ordered some preview Glee movie tickets for a showing in Chicago as a special thing for the kids and I to do on Easter Break next week. I am not so great at keeping some secrets, so I thought it would be fun to let them in on the surprise. Once I told them they were super excited. It wasn't until I was at my desk at work, talking with Mary about Easter baskets and stuff that I realized I should have kept these tickets as a surprise for their baskets.

Step 2:
I figured I could still justify the cost of the tickets by just putting them in the EAster baskets anyhow, seeing as the 3 older kids KNOW about the Easter Bunny....Mickey is the only one still believing at this point. That's when Mickey asked his question about the Easter Bunny's phone number and the Game Stop Card. I jokingly said that I think the EAster Bunny was bringing them Glee movie tickets. Mickey stepped up to remind me that I told them this morning that I got the tickets, so why would the EAster bunny bring them. I answered that I would give them to the EAster bunny to put in their baskets.

Step 3: (Up to this point, I still could have been okay because I CAN be clever that way, but no.....I had to continue on the path of truth)
From across the room, I asked Mickey (sort of quietly, so if he didn't quite hear me, I could change my mine), "You know that wrestling is fake, right?" He heard me, so on I went.... "You know how I told you that the wrestlers are fake fighting?" It only took a moment for him to make the connection.
"Are you saying that the EAster bunny is fake?" I just looked at him with eyes that said it all, with as much sympathy as I could convey to someone who was looking for confirmation.

Steps 4 through 10
Wailing throughout the house.
A hand holding walk around the block with more wailing.
The can't-catch-my-breath-from-crying questions...."What about leprechans?"
I shook my head.
"What about the tooth fairy?"
More head shaking.
"Cupid?" (Where the heck did THAT one come from?)
"What about Santa Claus?"
Oh geez, the neighbors are going to think that I'm stranger danger trying to steal this kid if I tell him the truth.....but I had already come this far....there was no turning back. I went all the way and shook my head no. I babbled on for the rest of our walk about symbolism and the "spirit" of Christmas and what EAster was really about and more babbling about how long his siblings knew and when each one found out. He didn't hear a thing I said. His heart was broken. He felt sad. He felt embarrassed that he could believe in a great big human sized bunny. He said his friends had tried to tell him that Santa wasn't real, but he told them that he believed.

Step gagillion:
I think he cried for about a half hour and there was only one thing left to do......"Who wants to go out for ice cream?"

Walking out of the door of Dairy Queen, 3 young guys about Mickey's age greeted him with, "Hey, it's Mickey Dolan!" They were guys who had played on the same football team as Mickey from another school. Mickey felt all proud and popular and grown-up and sad and mixed up all at once. We started to drive back home and this is what Mickey said, "Hey Mom. Do you think the Easter Bunny is going to get me a gift card to Game Stop in my basket this year? Wink. Wink." What a great kid!He's on the mend, but still, I feel horrible and I know that this will probably put him in therapy, so it will help me greatly if some of you could share your "how I found out" stories with me.

3 comments: said...

Diane, thank you for sharing this moment so beautifully. It was like I was sitting in the room with you both and walking behind you ... so touching. Your gentle and loving mothering shines through (as I wipe away a tear) Happy Easter!

Jan said...

Awwwww, Diane. It is sad seeing those layers of innocence peel away as our children grow up. My heart breaks for you having to witness it so up close and personal. You just have to trust that your instinct at the moment was right. How beautiful that Mickey had his mama right there to fall on instead of realizing all this when he was at school or something (which he was soon enough bound to do) and then coming home feeling betrayed. You told him truth and held hishand and loved him through it. So sweet.

I remember being at school when I made the realization about Santa and writing something about it being my parents on a paper. Well, my dad found it and tried to keep the lie going and that wasn't good. It made me feel alone. Truth - in love - is good. You're such ahold mommy... :)

Jan said...

It's hard to type on an iPod sometimes. I meant to say you're such a GOOD mommy! :)