Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Day in the Life

I woke up a little late and so couldn't blog until I was already at school...the danger being that I may be constantly interrupted, so I'm going to give you a code. DD = Ding Dong (Doorbell rings) Ring Ring = Ring Ring (Phone call)

DD 11:17am Parent comes in for lunch duty and chit chats for awhile . Parent: "I'm losing my mind. What's my name again?" Me: "It's okay. It's that time of day."

I had a parent call the other day and ask if any of the teachers were missing a cell phone. It seems as though her 3 year old's pocket was ringing on the way home from school. As it turns out, curiously enough, there WAS a preschool teacher who couldn't find her phone after swearing that she remembered leaving it on her desk.

11:20 Ah, here comes Angelica (names have been changed to protect the innocent) wanting her 10th cough drop of the day.

DD 11:21 Preschooler coming into school for enrichment.

Little Annie is here with her mother. She's not in school yet, but her other 7 siblings have all come through this school. She is wanting to push my buzzer to open the door.

DD 11:22 Parents coming in for lunch duty

11:22 2nd Grade teacher comes up with student who didn't bring a lunch today. Can I write a note so that said student can get an extra hot lunch? Certainly.

I like to eat my lunch at my desk because that way I don't miss anything. Mrs. M brought in 4 boxes of girl scout cookies for the faculty/staff today. I stole the entire box of the lemon ones (they are my favorite this year) and only sent 3 boxes down to the faculty lounge.

DD 11:25 PS is here to drop off her son's hot lunch order for April and she asks if she can use my copy machine to make one copy. Certainly.

Student forgot his lunch. "I think there are extra lunches today. Go ask Vinnie"
Parent comes up to say that Vinnie (the hot lunch "lady") won't give student a pizza for lunch. I made it clear that IF there was an extra lunch and the student wanted it, he had to take what was extra and the pizza wasn't extra - the Chicken fingers were.

11:28 Kindergarteners make their way down to the lunch room - loudly.

DD 11:29 Mom picking up half-day kindergartener
RR 11:29 Sales person calling to talk to her good friend, "Bob"

DD Funniest parent in the world (see above paragraph on son's pocket ringing) comes in to bring her two preschool children to enrichment - just a tad late.

11:31 - All is quiet for a moment. Ahhhh, I'll take a bite of salad.

Student comes up to ask me if I told his mom that he DIDN'T want her to drop off his bike after all.

I open the lemon girl scout cookies. I wonder how long it will take me to eat the entire box by myself.

11:41-Injury....Student: "Gianna kicked me at recess." Me: "Ah, I'm sorry, sweetie. Let's get you an ice pack." (School nurse is in the lunch room so I just give everyone an ice pack when they need the nurse)

11:41 - Ms. S walks by my desk......something tells me that she's not in a very good mood today.

Well, lunch is over, so I'll go now to do actual work. I guess today wasn't as busy as usual, but it was fun sharing my lunch time with you all.



Janice said...

And then when your family asks what you did today you say nothing!! Sounds like my library.


I love this blog post...Were you always thinking how loud my kindergarteners were going to lunch?...probably the 2nd year I was there you were! haha ;)

Pamela Callahan said...

I love this story! I know it is the truth!