Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Conversation in the Car on the way to School

Katie Rose: Fr. Moran told us that Adam and Eve weren't real people.

Me: Oh, that's interesting. The thing to absolutely know is that the Bible is Truth, even if the things didn't actually happen.

Mickey: You mean the Bible lies?

Me: No, the Bible is always the truth. Whether things happen or not doesn't determine if things are the truth.

(Thinking I need a new tactic)
Me: You know how when you study your vocabulary words, some of the words have slightly different meanings?

Katie Rose: Yep.

Me: Truth is like that.

Mickey: You mean another meaning for truth is lie?

(Okay, maybe that's not working out either.)

Me: Daylight Savings Time is really making it hard for me to retrieve the words I need to explain this to you guys.

Mickey: Do we have any relatives that are Jewish?

Me: Not that I know of. But Auntie J. isn't Catholic?

Mickey: I thought she WAS Christian.

Me: She is. She's a Protestant Christian. We're Catholic Christian.

(And then we were thankfully in the school parking lot and our conversation was over.)

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