Monday, March 29, 2010

Coming Down from the Mountain to Work

This photo was taken by my niece, Ellie Dolan and is one of my favs.
I talked to my boy last night on the phone.
He was just home from retreat. Up.
He struggled with housing. Down.
He is coming home on Wednesday. Up.

Today begins the first day of the last week of school before our Easter Break. With break comes time.....time to perfect Dotty. I think she's going to get a puppy. I'm not sure which kind, but she's open to suggestions. Not too small, but not too big. Happy face, no boogers in eyes. Approachable and unique. Makes Dotty look independent and self-assured when taking it for walk.

I'm going to browse puppy images and see what I come up with. I know the perfect pup is out there for Dotty.


(Just so we are all on the same page.....Dotty's not real, she's my imaginary life on which my new and upcoming biz is based on - I don't want my kids to get all excited that we're getting a dog in real life or anything.) I felt I had to say that because I think my readership is so huge that someone will ask my kids, "Hey, I hear you're getting a puppy."

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Pamela Callahan said...

That's a great picture of Johnny.