Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Being Gracey's Friend

I've avoided "friending" anyone under 18 on facebook. Most of the people I know that are under 18 are from St. Norbert and it was important to keep work and regular life separate. Having said that, with the advent of my new indie biz, I may have products that appeal to that age group and have decided to go ahead and friend those under 18 who have asked to friend me.

I decided to start with my daughter, Grace. I learned that when I sent her a friend request, she sort of freaked out a little - didn't really want to be my friend, but didn't want to hurt my feelings either. She took her concern to John. He, parentally, told her to just sit down with me and talk things out. I would understand.

I'm not sure if what happened next was John's idea or hers, but she came up with a plan to write a contract - one that outlined the "rules" of my being her friend. Below you will find the fruit of her effort. I can't tell you how much this makes me smile.

I think I"ll sign it.



Jennifer said...

This is BRILLIANT! I think I need this contract for my kids. My son hid his "wall" from me so now I can't see anything happening. All because I broke a couple of Gracie's rules.

staceyfike said...

how clever is your daughter!!!