Saturday, July 4, 2009

Waylen Visited Us.

Here's something that makes me laugh..... I went to my blog to see it again after a very long time and I realized that the last time I posted on it was January 2008!!!!! I can't believe I've had it this long and I can't believe that it's been so long since I posted. So, here's to the 4th of July.

Just dropped Waylen off at the airport to fly home to his family. What a fun guy! He kept us highly entertained the entire week. Through his competitive nature, we were able to reminisce about Jeanette - it was like her in boy form. The train ride "word tennis" game had not just us laughing, but the entire train car as Waylen would squeeze his water bottle as he tried to come up with a word to fit the category. And when he didn't win, he'd declare victory anyway. The category was State Capitals. It was Katie Rose's turn. She says "Springfield". He says "Milwaukee". I'm like, "I think Madison is the capital of Wisconsin." He's like, "Yeah, but what's up with Springfield. What's Springfield the capital of?" Of course we are all hysterical laughing because the kid next to Waylen says, "It's the capital of Illinois."

Fun times.

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