Tuesday, January 1, 2008

It's Gone!

Mickey is my youngest son. He's 8. From the day he was born, he's had this one spot of cradle cap on his head. Now, I have been known to be like a mamma monkey when it comes to picking at my kids. I get a sort of maternal thrill out of doing things like cleaning their ears, cutting their tonails, licking my thumb to remove that smudge of chocolate on their face and of course, picking the stuff off of the cradle capped spot on Mickey's head each night as I tuck him in. Sure it hurts sometimes, and sometimes he's not in the mood and sometimes I even have to bribe him to let me do it. (I'll let you sleep in an extra ten minutes tomorrow morning if you just let me get this one last part).

Well....last night as I was tucking Mickey in, I went to fluff his tuft of hair where the cradle cap spot is and horror of all horrors.....it was gone. Gone - just plain gone. The child has had this spot on his head for 8 years and now it's gone? I struggled with the thought of this and made a big deal out of how gone it was - hope I didn't scare the little guy too much. :) As I said, "Good night. Sleep tight. Don't let the bed bugs bite.", I left the room.

It's New Year's Day. I see that this year, based on Mickey's cradle cap loss, I will be entering a new phase in my life. No more the mother of toddlers who need every moment of attention you can give them. Johnny is 17! for goodness sake. In less than a year he's going to be a legal adult! Gracie turned 13 in November. She'll probably have her first period this year. (I hope she doesn't read this because she'd be mortified). Katie Rose will be one decade old in a month. She is such a beautiful little replica of me - both the good and the not so good parts. And then there's Mickey with his clear scalp.

I embrace this new phase as it has the potential for so many wonderful growth opportunities. My husband, John, and I will be able to focus more on each other as the children become independent. I'll be able to do things that I've had to put off because of needing a babysitter - like scrapbooking crops and lunches with friends.

It's a New Year.


Sharmaine said...

Happy New Year Diane!! Hope it is all that and more!! Looking forward to the day when I can think about that 'independence' but I'm not in too much hurry lol

Lisa said...

i think i smiled the whole time i read this entry. i think my internal clock is ticking because anytime i read about children and milestones and changes, i get all warm-fuzzy. lol

thanks for stopping by my blog!! so you were telling me your brother is the mayor of clovis...right? such a small world :)

happy new year to you!

Ann(i)e Hafermann said...

WOW.....my little man (Dean, three and a half) has one super stubborn spot of cradle cap....everyone says "oh that should be long gone, only babies have cradle cap".......so happy that Micky's is gone...now if Dean's would just disappear!!
Happy new Year!

Michelle McGee said...

Good story, good post, Diane...

I'm a wicked picker, too!