Monday, December 10, 2007

Takin' the Photo

Seeing as this is a new blog, I have no idea where the picture that I just uploaded will end up on my actual blog page, so be sure and look for it because it's meaningful. Part of "Life - I want in" is about finding life all around you - I'm not talkin' about the cheesy "wow, look at that lone leaf still hanging around on that tree" kind of life. I'm talkin' about the kind that you have to actually stop moving around so much to even notice - okay, maybe it's sort of like the lone leaf on the tree.

We are a busy family as so many these days are. I have four children - two of whom are teenagers. I have a husband who is an artist and I have me who is involved in every volunteer opportunity under the sun. We try always to have dinner together, as a family, on Sundays, but even that has become a "hurry up and eat so that you can finish your homework before school tomorrow" kind of family time. Well......when it comes time to take the Photo for the Christmas card each year, something magical happens - and this year was no exception. In years past, I've made my poor children do some goofy things for our annual card - one year we all dressed up as Mary, Joseph, Shepherds, angels and of course baby Jesus. The children were less than thrilled that year and their faces on the card show it. The next year, I raided the choir closet at church and made everyone wear choir robes with big music held out in front of them with their mouths in a big "O" formation. Again, they were thrilled, as you can imagine. Last year, I wrapped huge boxes and cut head holes in the top. I wrapped them all with wrapping paper and ribbon. I made each kid put on a box and stick their head out of the hole where I then placed a huge bow that I think I found at target. John dressed up as Santa and I, of course, was Mrs. Clause. The kids are sort of getting used to my card ideas and so this year, it was less painful for them than in years past. I tried to get the two girls' hair to stick up (like JJ in her webisode announcing the zing boom purchase). I was going for a sort of Cindy Who from Whoville look. Well, their dang hair is so thick and long that we had to put wooden spoons and pencils and all kinds of stuff to keep it in place and it still didn't work out so well. Finally my husband, John, knelt behind the sofa and held the girls' hair up while I tried to take the photo. Needless to say, there was just way too much laughter for me to get a good pic, so I settled for a more normal photo on a non-traditional card. You can see it at Sistv.

I guess what this is all about is that I HAD to take time to take the photo.....the entire family HAD to be there for it.....It turned out to be an awesome, tears-of-joy, laughing kind of memory as one of the children tooted while the photo was being taken and the other three children ran for their lives. Love Life when I'm in it.


Sharmaine said...

oh your poor family!! the pain, the pain ROFLMOL
The memories you have greated are worth the pain they had to endure ;) Love the thought of your husband behind the couch pushing up hair lol
It is so true though, life... I want it too :)

MadissonC said...

Hi, this is Madisson from teh Scrap in Style message board.... I was just wondering if you ever got my message about the glass squares. Thank you so much for your offer!!!